The dictum “SERVICE TO HUMANITY IS SERVICE TO GOD” paved the way for the birth of a Trust in the name Shri Shiva Shakthi Charitable Trust and was Registered at Salem on 13.06.2012 by Smt. Dr. Sivagami Paramasivam. She is the author / founder of the Trust and organize conferences, training camps, awareness programmes about social, educational and rural development.

This public charitable trust has decided to undertake various service projects in the field of education, natural medicine, culture, relief of poor, downtrodden and the aged.

“PROGRESS IS THE ATTRACTION THAT MOVES HUMANITY” has tilted to help and render service to the poor in all possible ways and to provide scholarships, medals, awards to the deserving students, to help the destitudes, aged etc., To fulfil all these, the Trust has decided to accept gifts of money or property (movable and immovable) including beneficial interest under any other Trust or given by the author of the Trust and to collect funds by donations, subscriptions, grants, presents etc., to carry out the objects of the Trust. It is apt to quote the Tamil poet Bharathiyar’s Version – that

bjhHpy; gz;zg; bgUepjpak; ntz;Lk; _ mjpy;
gy;nyhh; Jiz g[hpjy; ntz;Lk;

As “THE SOLE MEANING OF LIFE IS TO SERVE HUMANITY” this public charitable Trust has committed to serve the humanity without any discrimination of caste, creed, colour, religion, region etc., with the support of philanthropists. We are human and nothing is more interesting to us than Humanity,is in it?